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Test Strips Wanted

If you would like to recycle your unused test strips, please feel free to contact Arthur or Phyllis at 509-783-4248, or send us an e-mail.  We usually can arrange for same day pickup for immediate cash if you live in the Tri-Cities or Yakima in Eastern Washington.

If you don't live in our local area, you can still recycle your test strips with us.  We gladly accept test strips in the mail, and we pay all shipping costs.  Test strips can be mailed to us in a free USPS Priority Mail box, and postage costs as little as $6.00.  Payment  (including postage reimbursement) is sent to you within 1 day after shipments are received, either by Money Order or PayPal (whichever method you prefer).

All test strips must be factory sealed and unexpired.  The expiration date must be at least 60 days out.  We do accept test strips that are between 30 and 60 days from expiration, but pay 50% of the listed price for them.  We do not pay for expired strips and those expiring within the next 30 days, but will gladly accept them as a donation.

Boxes must be in new condition.  If there are pharmacy labels on them, we ask that you leave them on.  You can use white-out or a marker to cover up your personal information, but please do not try and remove them yourself.  We will carefully remove and properly dispose of all labels so the boxes are not damaged.


We are not currently paying for lancets at this time.  Rather than throwing them away, we will gladly take them as a donation if the boxes are still unopened and factory sealed (due to the health risks to people receiving them).

If you are mailing test strips to us, we will pay for all shipping costs for lancets that are included in the same shipment.

We are currently paying for the following:


$10 per 100 count boxes:


$5 per 50 count boxes:

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